Kevin Andrews was soon to turn Twenty. And on a warm, summer morning he accidently stepped out in front of a bus while texting his BFFs world-wide. Having lived a privileged life, he had not yet accomplished anything to define himself as good or evil in the hereafter, and is devastated to find himself rejected by Heaven and seated in Hell.

Unfortunately, Lucifer doesn’t think Kevin is ‘his’ kind of people either. He sends Kevin back to face his life as a ghost to find even one moment, one thought in his past, that proves he’s ‘good’ enough to be allowed into Hell. “After all,” Lucifer warns him, “The loneliest place to spend eternity is your own life after you can’t change it anymore.”

What Kevin does find is a horrific truth that existed right under his very nose. Now he has a moral choice for the ages: Follow Lucifer’s instructions and search his own life for some forgotten misstep, or defy the Prince Of Darkness and do what he somehow believes to be the right thing.


Benny Shapiro faces the end of life alone, and in great pain at the Good Sheppard Nursing Home just outside Chicago, Illinois. He was a war hero, a devoted husband, a father and a skilled craftsman. Sadly, he has outlived most everyone who ever loved him leaving him alone and abandoned in his last days.

Every night, he prays for the end to come, to release him from the pain and the indignities that have become his daily existence. And, every night he dreams of being a hero with super-human powers… But are they just dreams?



Christmas Eve At Shorty’s: It’s Christmas Eve and Walt Shuster has reached a crossroads in his life. Not certain which way to turn, he stops off for a drink at a rustic roadhouse along the way that seems filled with the holiday spirit. It doesn’t take him long to realize what a truly special place this is!

This story is my Christmas, Hanukah, Quanza, Winter Solstice gift to you all. No matter how, or with whom you may share this special season, enjoy!

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So… you’re a writer. And maybe you write exciting stories about detectives, or bank robbers, or heroes, or maybe even sick and deranged killers to thrill and keep us all awake at night. Maybe it’s swashbuckling pirates or stately, antebellum mansions. No matter what you write, chances are very good that one of your plots, one of your characters, sometime, somewhere, is going to involve a firearm… a GUN.

Whether you are pro-gun, anti-gun, or don’t really care, a surprising number of people these days have a very limited knowledge of firearms. For a writer, that can be more deadly than any weapon! To make your stories real, believable, and to have your writing taken seriously, you need a little education on the subject.

This project began as a letter to a friend for just that purpose but I quickly realized many more could benefit from the information. So here it is; your reference to the history and practical use of firearms from a writer’s point of view. You’ll find factual, helpful information here on all kinds of plot-worthy firearms from the earliest days of the gun, through the Antebellum and Steam Punk eras, on into the Roaring Twenties and both World Wars. You’ll even find a section dedicated to separating fact from myth in today’s complicated and heated firearms debate. I hope you find it helpful and may your heroes always shoot straight!





In the spirit of Mark Twain and Andy Rooney, the writings of John Kenneth Bruce graced the pages of Great Lakes Cruiser Magazine every month bringing humor and ‘lessons learned’ to their boating-oriented readership. The column was started as a lark and expected to run only about six months. But its sudden and overwhelming popularity made it a regular monthly feature for the entire ten-year run of the magazine and was enjoyed by boater and ‘landlubber’ alike. It was only in the Farewell Issue of GLC that the true identity of J.K. Bruce was finally revealed to be the Publishing Editor himself, Bruce Jenvey.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have all those funny, lessons of life in one place, in one book to enjoy and share? Well… this is ‘The Complete Stupid Boat Tricks.’ Here are the stories of New Guy Navigator, Captain Crunch, and Dr. X. There are incidents with drawbridges, boat trailers, and flare guns (devices designed to embarrass and befuddle us). And tales of endurance under adverse condition like motors that go into business for themselves, marine toilets that explode and barbecued sacrifices to the gods. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty…



For ten years, Bruce Jenvey explored the Great Lakes as a journalist for Great Lakes Cruiser Magazine. Along the way, he collected stories of the little-known heroes and in some cases, forgotten history that helped shape the two nations that share this famed waterway.

Here is a handpicked collection of Bruce’s favorite stories from his travels, stories of inspiration, ingenious innovation and valiant courage against all odds. These are the stories of The Cable, Albert Ocha, The Great Farini, The Battle of Lake Erie, The Lorain Tornado and more. Here are tales of humor and lessons learned like The Wreck Of The Gunilda and The Day Dave Bombed Detroit. There are legends, too, such as The Maid Of The Mist and Nanabosho, The Sleeping Giant, as well as the haunting at The Olde Angel Inn and The Ghosts Of Fort George.

Here are over forty such stories in total that will surprise you, thrill you, and become part of your own Great Lakes Heritage…





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