The Cabbottown Witches are a fictionalized coven representing a collection of the author’s real-world research and experiences. For a good many years, Bruce Jenvey traveled the greater Great Lakes Region as a journalist. Along the way, he was given remarkable access and shown documentation to many incidents of the unexplained and paranormal. He has seen and experienced many things from ‘Witch Bottles’ plastered into living room ceilings more than 200 years ago, to secret ceremonies and aging photographs of allegedly summoned spirits.


While we may appear to be having a lot of fun with the graphics on our webpage, the ‘Witchcraft’ practiced by Bruce’s Cabbottown Coven is NOT for ‘Pointyhats and Wannabes’ (as one of his principal characters would gladly tell you).  There are no magic wands, no spell books, no twitching noses and certainly no pointy hats. Instead, what you’ll find is a craft rooted deeply in alchemy, herbology and natural chemistry dating back to the Dark Ages. The names of many of the plants and herbs mentioned in the stories may not be ones you recognize. Not only do many local circles use their own names for such things, but the author has chosen to change others to protect the secrets they have shared with him.


What you will find here, is not a ‘how to’ book, but a representation of modern-style ‘witchcraft.’ Here, natural things of the Earth are simmered over kitchen stoves instead of cauldrons. They are then skimmed, dried and ground into powders that are then mixed with other powders and natural substances to achieve the desired effect. They all have various combinations and many possibilities.


This is a realistic journey into a lost art that never truly disappeared. It only faded from the popular view in the bright light of scientifically certified breakthroughs and miracle drugs. Just as Bruce has found, it’s an art that is still out there, just below the surface, just down the street and maybe just around the corner from you! THIS is the culture of the Cabbottown Witches!


Copyright © 2016 by Bruce Jenvey